Rhino adventure!

The Story So Far….

Farley the rhino was ready to play.

Farley the rhino was ready to play. He could run very fast and loved to eat. Early one morning Farley woke up, the rain drops were splashing on his face. Farley jumped up and...

Cassia Price

took a drink of water. He marched over to his owner, Lawson, and got some food from him. Lawson took Farley inside and they played fetch. Then, Farley...

Alaina Rumpf

waited till it stopped raining. Suddenly Farley saw something quite pretty in the sky. He wondered what it was. Then Lawson said ''hey Farley, look! The suns out!" Then...

Mikah Wedemeyer


Ayla Baeumer

Farley wanted to play. He jumped over the gate of his cage! "Oh no!" cried Lawson. "Farley, come back!" He was chasing after the wild rhino when a teenage girl came out of a cottage. "Hi, my name's Kate."said the girl. " Looks like you need some help with your um... rhino there." Kate took a rope, swung it like a lasso and...

Ashton Boyland

it hit farley accidently and he cried so much he needed to go to hospital because he had the biggest bruise someone had ever had!!!!!!!!! He was in hospital for a week or maybe a bit longer.

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