Vet Molly

The Story So Far….

Molly wanted to be a vet, she loved animals.

Molly wanted to be a vet, she loved animals. Her favourite animal was the zebra, the stipes were super cool. One day Molly....

Ayla Baeumer

realized that she could train to be a vet. Part of the training involved helping real animals. Then they got a distress call about a hurt zebra! Molly wondered if she could...

Eliza Guandalini

really help animals. that night molly asked her perants NO!. Molly went to bed she decided to try and find the Zebra. she jumped out the WINDO and tried to fly,it was a fail so she just ran and ran and ran and ran and ran until she found the Zebra. She realised she could UNDERSTAND THE ZEBRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she was amazed the Zebra had a chiped hoove. I've got to get you home Molly said

Bear Watts

Then the police showed up and said to Molly that she was too little to be out at night . Molly said she was a vet and helping the zebra. The police said she was too young to be a vet and took the zebra away. Molly was so sad and then she got mad. She chased after the policeman to get the zebra back. As she chased them she was joined by....

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