Haunted house

The Story So Far….

The haunted house stood tall on the hill...

The haunted house stood tall on the hill...

It was always avoided no one ever went between 1km of the premises but he was different he needed to take on what ever secrets was hidden in that house

Lachlan Henry

As he slowly tiptoed along the grass infested foot path many creepy little bugs and insects wondered as he was fearless!

Malia Cahill

One day a group of friends dared the oldest one to knock on the door. She hesitated for a while and then she finally agreed.

Clancy Murphy

As she knocked at the door at the door a hand emerged from the ground and pulled into the ground were she could not see anything

Digger Watts

He slowly started to walk up the hill when he felt a rush of anxiety bubble up in his stomach and he started to guess if he made the right decision...

Isabella Herbert

A flash of movement caught his eye as he stood on the old rotten wood. fear clogged his brain as he reached out to touch the rusted brass doorbell......

Tai Treadwell-Burke

His quivering hand rested on the cold doorbell. Millions of questions were swimming around in his brain. What was the flash of movement he had spotted? Were the rumors true about this haunted house? Was it a good idea to knock the door? There was only one thing left to do. He pushed the rusted doorbell. The doorbell was a bloodcurdling scream. Suddenly, the doormat gave way beneath him. He realized too late that he was falling to his death.

Sermila Rovanama

However thinking he was going to die, all of a Sudden a hand caught him by his shirt...he looked up and it was her... With relief he asked " What are you doing here?" "Same thing as you. People say the house is haunted and because of that, I thought to check it out myself. By the way, what are you doing here?"...

Isabella Herbert

"I- I needed answers." he said breathlessly. "I was digging around my attic when I found a photo of my grandmother and grandfather standing in front of it. My mum has always told me stay away, but when I saw that photo.... I had to take a look." The girl straightened up and threw him onto the deck as the doormat slammed shut. "That's odd. " she whispered. "I found an old photograph of my grand parents too. And my mum also told me to avoid coming up here." They stared at each other with curiosity, before suddenly noticing a a shadow creeping towards the window......

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