The chase

The Story So Far….

Peter dashed into the car and quickly grabbed the wheel.

Peter dashed into the car and quickly grabbed the wheel. He was scared, but knew what he had to do...

Malia Cahill

He was only 14, far from getting his licence, but he had to do this to save his family. The racer ahead of him was spilling heaps of oil on the greasy road. Peter dodged the oil spill by millimetres.

Lachlan Henry

Quickly he sped, at the worst time his tires all busted! Two minutes past so did a lot of cars. The metal sparked orange and yellow. “Oh,Noooo!”

Hamish Mckenzie

He put his foot down on the accelerator and sped off. The racer in front of him was only a few metres away now. The oil spilled by the car in front of him was making it hard for him to gain on it. All of a sudden he was hit by another car and slipped on the oil...

Lincoln Tanner

This time he knew it. He was going to die. The sweat was dripping down his face and he started to cry. He got out of the car knowing he could still do this. He started on foot. God was the only one that knew if he was going to make it. A miracle needed to happen.

Lachlan Baker

And miracle happend his pit crew pushed a spare car. But it was a drag racing car and he was in a formula 1 race this would be against the law of car racing but he hop in and starts to drive he gets around the corner and he see's...

John Brown

The car that used to be in front of him was now tipped on its edge, oil and petrol gushing out like a river. Peter thrust his foot down hard on the brake and leapt out of the car. Giant flames greedily licked the smoking car, occasionally spitting odd bits of the now demolished racing car. His shocked, and burnt family was lying on the ground, centimetres from the flaming vehicle. Peter realised that they were lucky to be alive.......

Isabella Herbert

An ambulance could be heard in the distance. People just looked in horror at the flames as they dimolushed the vehicle in a single roar. Peter stared at the lump of charcoal before turning his head to the family. Their burns seemed to glow red in the light of the fire and one of them opened his watering eyes before passing out from pain...........

Eby Watts

''Thank you for saving my life'' said Peter. Peter rang all of his family members to tell them the long story. Every one was relived espesially Peter..........

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