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Story: Owl tree

3 kids edited , 80 words , 2 COUNTRIES

AGE: 7-9

THEME: Friendship

TYPE: You Choose

Many years ago there was a very old tree which happened to have many many owls living on its branches. There were all different owls that lived on Owl Tree, so many in fact it was hard to see the branches! One day a new owl arrived and...

he was big and beautiful. He had big bright wings and so many colorful feathers. He was so nice to the other owls until one day...

BY: Cassia

Country: United States

DATE: 29/03/2018

that big,beautiful and colorful bird broke the branch he was on!

BY: Elise

Country: Australia

DATE: 30/10/2018

Then all the other owls started saying you lied to us you lied to all of us owls why did you lie to us well I I I didn't no said the other owl you are now kicked out of the tree for life.......

BY: Skye

Country: Australia

DATE: 05/11/2018