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Story: Scuba divers

2 kids edited , 80 words , 1 COUNTRIES

AGE: 10-13

THEME: Mystery

TYPE: No story type

It had been 3 hours since they were supposed to report back to the boat. Now they call me and 5 other scuba divers to go down to see what’s going on. It is Christmas Eve!

As they were riding over to the other boat Max felt a scent of fear in his tone, that maybe it was more than just a freak accident. And could this be the last time before I die?

BY: Digger

Country: Australia

DATE: 03/01/2018

As Max plunged into the cold water his brain filled with so many thoughts, most were telling him to get out of the bottomless blue water whilst the others told him to save the missing scuba divers. Max saw a few dark shadows and nearly returned to the surface before he realized it was just the other scuba divers who were also called to help him on his mission. The shadows froze as a shriek of anger swam towards them.......

BY: Isabella

Country: Australia

DATE: 04/07/2018