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Story: Soccer game

3 kids edited , 80 words , 1 COUNTRIES

AGE: 7-9

THEME: Sport

TYPE: No story type

Harry and Jackson loved to play soccer. They wanted to play a game with their friends. So one day Harry got all their friends together to have a match...

Harry really wanted to be goalkeepeer but one of his friend called Ashton was alredy goalkeeper.

BY: Ashton

Country: Australia

DATE: 30/10/2018

now Harry wants to be defender but his worst enemy called THE EPIC ANDINATOR was already defender and now he hates him even more now even though he hated him a lot already now he is going to kill him

BY: Andy

Country: Australia

DATE: 05/11/2018

a soccer pocen

BY: Angus

Country: Australia

DATE: 06/11/2018