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Story: Famous Taylor

4 kids edited , 80 words , 2 COUNTRIES

AGE: 7-9

THEME: Growing Up

TYPE: You Choose

Taylor was famous but she wasn't sure if she really liked being famous. For many years Taylor was one of the best singers in the world. Her life was full of travel, dinners and concerts. One day Taylor decided to...

run away from her world of being famous. She was tired of getting so much attention. Taylor went to live at a pretty little house by the shore in Florida. Before long, her heart began to call out for New York, where she had started singing. So she........

BY: Cadence

Country: United States

DATE: 02/01/2018

decided to go back to New York but she was going to put on a disgusted so no one would know. So she went back to New York and her name was Lisa.........

BY: Skye

Country: Australia

DATE: 30/10/2018

and she met her family in new york and she did not know that it was HER BIRTHDAY.

BY: Henry

Country: Australia

DATE: 05/11/2018

because her family did not tell her that it is her birthday!

BY: Nina

Country: Australia

DATE: 06/11/2018