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Story: Dancer Wendy

6 kids edited , 80 words , 2 COUNTRIES

AGE: 7-9

THEME: Courage

TYPE: You Choose

Wendy loved to dance she practiced everyday. One day Wendy was late for dance practice, her mum....

who was the teacher, made her sit out in class. Wendy was so sad. How was she going to be a ballerina when she grew up if she was late for class? One day, Wendy decided to......

BY: Cadence

Country: United States

DATE: 02/01/2018

Go to practice SUPER early. She was the first one there.The studio was dark and cold. Wendy started dancing. She could not believe that she saw...

BY: Cassia

Country: United States

DATE: 29/03/2018

a real ballerina she was dancing so well,Wendy thinks she might be a proffesional,dancing in the nutcracker.She was so good Wendy could not belive her eyes they were as big as diamonds.Just as the ballerina was packing up her class got there.She was talking to her friend when...

BY: Ebony

Country: Australia

DATE: 07/06/2018

the ballerina walked past them.They were SOOOOOOO happy

BY: Poppy

Country: Australia

DATE: 30/10/2018

but then there was a new girl who came to Wendys group and she was really mean to Wendy. Then when ever Wendy danced the new girl girl would pick on her. So one day Wendy came up with a plan..........

BY: Skye

Country: Australia

DATE: 03/11/2018

when she thort abawtit she wons a dog at that momint a dog came up to her my name is rose can. You help me when I fall over yes side rose tanck you.

BY: Evie

Country: Australia

DATE: 05/11/2018