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Story: Beach holiday

5 kids edited , 80 words , 1 COUNTRIES

AGE: 7-9

THEME: Holidays

TYPE: You Choose

Greg and Michelle are going on a beach holiday. They were so excited because they hadn't been to the beach for over a year.  They had been counting down the day and now it was time to leave...

when they got there they were screaming. They loved it so much! They ran into the water, it was so refreshing. Their mum and dad joined in to

BY: Milla

Country: Australia

DATE: 06/01/2018

MUM! DAD! look there's a dolphin said Greg . No said mum that's a shark! What should we do said Michelle . Ok every get out of the water said Dad. Ok said everyone .

BY: Kerala

Country: Australia

DATE: 30/10/2018

Is there a life guard here ? asked dad n o spells no seide Mum. Just as Michlle was about to screm they whent to to there apatmit it was late so they whent to bed. the next day there was no shark so they to the beach

BY: Josie

Country: Australia

DATE: 31/10/2018

then Greg screamed MUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! come here theres a baby turtle can I realse it into the water pleeeeeeeease or can I atleast take it home ok Greg thank you sooooooooo much Mum. I will name it lilly cause it's a girl........

BY: Skye

Country: Australia

DATE: 03/11/2018

This time mum saw an actual dolphin, but it was pink! It said "Hello, my name is Bay. I am magical and my glitter dust can make people breathe under water." Bay sprinkled glitter over them and they went under but then Bay started looking worried so...

BY: Ayla

Country: Australia

DATE: 03/11/2018