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Story: Strange valentines

4 kids edited , 80 words , 2 COUNTRIES

AGE: 10-13

THEME: Friendship

TYPE: You Choose

It was Valentine's Day but as Jane's letter box pushed open it wasn't a pink card that fell on to her mat...

It was a letter... to Hogwarts. She opened the letter nervously and read it. She told her parents and since they were Muggles, they didn't know where to go. Her parents called her Great Uncle Harry, and he told them to go to Diagon Alley.

BY: Malia

Country: Australia

DATE: 18/12/2017

Jane jumped up and down excitedly. She had been invited to go to Hogwarts! But suddenly a wave of panick drooped over, she’s a muggle born... some might call her mudbloods. She’d be teased and make no friends. Jane had heard the stories from her great uncle. Thoughts tumbled over each other in her head and she decided she’d need to pay a visit to Great Uncle Harry.

BY: Jaime

Country: Australia

DATE: 18/12/2017

After calling Harry she stepped out of the house to get some fresh air. She had been told by Great Uncle Harry to wait for him as he was planning to tell her everything.As she sat in her pale blue hammock she stared at the soft clouds as they drifted aimlessly in the sky."I'm finally going to Hogwarts!" she thought... until she saw the brown owl suddenly swoop and drop a scarlet letter into her lap with the Hogwarts seal.

BY: Isabella

Country: Australia

DATE: 03/07/2018

Jane slowly peeled off the intruding, red seal. Once she had opened the scarlet letter, she slowly started reading the obnoxiously scrawly handwriting: Dear Jane, I am afraid that I have some terrible news to share with you. Hopefully, you have recieved your Hogwarts letter inviting you to this school. What you don't know, is that very soon an unwanted visitor will be coming to hunt you down. Please get out of your house as soon as possible. Sincerely, Hagrid

BY: Tai

Country: New Zealand

DATE: 07/07/2018