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Story: The mummy

5 kids edited , 80 words , 2 COUNTRIES

AGE: 10-13

THEME: Adventure

TYPE: You Choose

For a thousand years, he had been sleeping; now, he was awake and Owen and his young friends were the only thing that was standing in his way...

Owen and his friends had left there home town to go defeat the MUMMY! For thousands of years the mummy’s pyramid had been haunted. The mummy was 6ft tall and 1567 years old, which is quite old for a person. Two moths later they had found the mummy...

BY: Lachlan

Country: Australia

DATE: 18/12/2017

The mummy easily moved aside Owen and his friends. " He is to powerful" said Owen. The mummy had already trashed the small deserted town he moving onto the city it was only a few kilometres away from the town the mummy was inside a sand tornado so it was impossible for Owen to stop the unstoppable mummy. The mummy reaches the city in no time and by the time Owen and his team get there....

BY: Darcy

Country: Australia

DATE: 18/12/2017

People are screaming and running in different directions. The whole place looks like it has been hit by a bomb. The mummy stood in the middle of the city. Even though it was hardly visible through its miniature sand storm, Owen could easily see the evil smile on its bandaged face. The smile glowed with an evil aura. All of a sudden the mummy was right in front of him, a knife poking at Owen's throat...

BY: Hamish

Country: Australia

DATE: 18/12/2017

"Dare take a breath and it will be your last." the mummy rasped, his breath giving evidence of his 1657 years of slumbering in the pyramid. Owen looked into the merciless green eyes that radiated hate and death. He allowed Owen to take small breaths though they barely gave his lungs the satisfaction they needed. "Hey, no ones gonna chop up my brother on my watch!" Carefully turning his head he spotted his sister Alice, her eyes bright with determination.

BY: Isabella

Country: Australia

DATE: 03/07/2018

Alice is an extremely courageous girl for her age, but even her audacity is no match for the fierce creature. As quick as a cat on a ball of yarn, the mummy extends his long, bandaged leg and kicks Alice square in the face. The small girl falls to the ground, clearly unconscious. Owen is in shock. His anger instantly takes control over his actions and words. "How could you?" he screams. Owen then remembers the knife, centimetres from him.

BY: Tai

Country: New Zealand

DATE: 07/07/2018