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Story: Talking dog

5 kids edited , 80 words , 2 COUNTRIES

AGE: 10-13

THEME: Mystery

TYPE: You Choose

The dog sniffed his owner's hand and then said to him, 'Hello, my name is actually Rufus, not Buddy'...

Mr Owner jumped back in surprise as Rufus stared at him. 'How can you talk?' Rufus smiled and said, "I don't actually know, it's in my family." Mr Owner ran inside and grabbed his cellphone with joy. "Hello, is this Guinness World Records? My dog can actually speak English!" A few minutes later Mr Owner came outside, put a leash and collar on Rufus and put him in his van.

BY: Malia

Country: Australia

DATE: 18/12/2017

Rufus looked up at his owner in surprise. “John? What are you doing?” Mr Owner ignored poor Rufus. “John... I will be locked in a lab and..and you love me, right?” Rufus expected to see sorrow in his owners bright green eyes but all he saw was a pool of greed. John sped up the van not glancing at his worried dog for the rest of the way,but that didn’t stop Rufus from begging. And thinking up a plan.

BY: Jaime

Country: Australia

DATE: 18/12/2017

After being pulled into the van the leash was tightened Rufus face turned red an found it hard to breath but...

BY: Clancy

Country: Australia

DATE: 18/12/2017

The van jerked left and nearly clipped a truck. "Slow down." Rufus warned but Mr Owner could only imagine himself in Hawaii and was deaf to anything else. Sighing Rufus slowly began chewing his leash. The taste of leather and plastic filled his mouth and his brain begged him to stop. But like Mr Owner the thought of freedom kept him going.

BY: Isabella

Country: Australia

DATE: 21/07/2018

Rufus' sharp teeth continued to gnaw at the leash. After a moment of agony to his sensitive molars, the leash broke with a loud crack. Mr. Owner's voice cut the silence like a knife through soft butter. "Rufus! What have you done?" Thinking quickly, Rufus replied. "You must have driven over some plastic!" "If you say so, Rufus," said Mr. Owner. And without any hesitation, Rufus knocked open the van boot, just to see another car charging quickly into him.

BY: Tai

Country: New Zealand

DATE: 17/02/2019