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Story: Space adventures

4 kids edited , 80 words , 1 COUNTRIES

AGE: 10-13

THEME: Adventure

TYPE: You Choose

Tommy looked out of the window of his spaceship to see the moon had changed colour...

Unexpectedly,tommy took a glimpse out of the enormous spaceship to find that the moon had changed colour to red. He soon found out that this was because of a strange reflection created by a unidentified flying object emerging from the sun.Next to the sun was a Enormous black hole creating the sun disappear after the event occurred the earth fell out of orbit and crashed into mars and everyone but one died.

BY: Clancy

Country: Australia

DATE: 18/12/2017

That one was Tommy. He looked around. "Mum? Dad? Everyone?" He walked around and began to float. He forgot to wear a helmet and he couldn't breathe so he died.

BY: Malia

Country: Australia

DATE: 18/12/2017

And that big thing was a big space ship that was trying to kill them but tommy jummped into a escape pod and escaped from the evil space people. But then tommy thought, were they real poeple or were they evil robots trying to CONTROL THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE. Then he thought he should go to the hiden planet of..........

BY: Lachlan

Country: Australia

DATE: 03/01/2018

Vulcan, the only planet that could stand every temperature and anything that threatened it. It was Tommy's only hope, but he couldn't go anywhere without someone seeing. His best option was to lie low 'till night....

BY: Isabella

Country: Australia

DATE: 04/07/2018