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Story: Baby hippo

2 kids edited , 80 words , 1 COUNTRIES

AGE: 5-6

THEME: Adventure

TYPE: You Choose

Baby hippo was a happy little hippo. He loved to roll and wiggle and jump and niggle! One day baby hippo stood on his head, he wanted to...

roll around all over the place. Then Baby hippo wanted to run away from his mummy and daddy because he wanted to go to the jungle all alone, where river monsters live. Baby hippo went to the jungle and jumped into the river and then saw an orange river monster!! Ooohhhhhh Voooooo!! The river monster yelled out and turned blue and made terrible sounds. Baby hippo then...

BY: No name found

Country: No country found

DATE: 11/01/2018

ran away and made a scary sound. He then saw lots of scary monsters there were so many. Then baby hippo wanted to hide, so he did. Baby hippo was inside a tunnel trunk of a tree, well he thought it was a tunnel but it was inside a big elephant! He saw a hole for him to get out, so he...

BY: Jackson

Country: Australia

DATE: 23/01/2018