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Story: Paula pig

3 kids edited , 80 words , 2 COUNTRIES

AGE: 5-6

THEME: Family

TYPE: You Choose

Paula pig lived with her mummy, daddy and brother. Today was a special day, it was Paula pigs birthday! All she wanted for her birthday was...

an ice cream shop. She was excited to work at the ice cream shop. Mummy, daddy and brother gave her real ice cream shop for her birthday present. Paula pig was really happy, because it was real one. The ice cream shop was very big. When she checked the ice cream freezer, she was disappointed because there was only chocolate flavour. So she.....

BY: Reina

Country: Japan

DATE: 05/01/2018

made lots of new ice cream flavours herself. She made blueberry, vanilla, strawberry, mango, coconut, passion fruit, banana and blackberry flavours! Paula pig was very happy, she had ice cream for everyone. Then she made a ice cream cake for her birthday, it was chocolate and mango flavour. She then put dinosaur sprinkles on the top. Paula's mummy and daddy were very happy because...

BY: No name found

Country: No country found

DATE: 10/01/2018

the really wanted to eat the cake too! Then they put the candles on and Paula Pig had to blow them out. She was about the blow when...

BY: Jackson

Country: Australia

DATE: 23/01/2018