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Story: Fast car

4 kids edited , 80 words , 2 COUNTRIES

AGE: 5-6

THEME: Adventure

TYPE: You Choose

This car had it all. It was red, shiny and fast. Daniel was ready to drive his car around the city. He jumped in his fast car and was about to drive off when...

he saw a blue car drive past him that was really fast! Daniel started his fast red car and chased after the fast blue car. He really wanted to catch that blue car! His red car was fast but was it as fast as the blue car zooming away...

BY: No name found

Country: No country found

DATE: 19/01/2018

Finally, the red car caught up to the blue car. Daniel, really wanted to know who was driving the blue car and because they were side by side now, he turned his head and looked out the window. When Daniel saw the driver, he was sad, because the driver was a CAT! The cat also turned its head towards Daniel and it...

BY: Reina

Country: Japan

DATE: 02/02/2018

smiled to Daniel. Then they made friends and drove together to the supermarket because the cat was kind. They bought broccoli and tomatoes at the supermarket. Daniel and the cat then decided to go to Daniel's home. They drove home together and they ate broccoli and tomatoes as snack. After that...

BY: Soma

Country: Japan

DATE: 04/02/2018

it was time for racing again! They both jumped in their cars and were ready to race. It was very exciting. Daniel had never raced a cat before...never in a blue car! They started their engines when something went baaannngggg! Oh no Daniels car...

BY: Jackson

Country: Australia

DATE: 18/04/2018