Your Secret Sauce was an idea by a kid for kids!

10-year-old Digger Watts joined forces with the Founders of reverse incubator Scrappi to create this platform to get kids excited about writing stories! Our aim is to bring kids from all over the world together to have fun online whilst increasing literacy levels across the globe.

What’s with the name?

We always get asked where the name Your Secret Sauce comes from! This is a term that we picked up from visiting a number of Silicon Valley tech startups. It basically refers to the secret ingredient a business has that makes it successful.

We think kids all have their own secret sauce when writing stories and if we could bring all of these special ingredients together through kids writing we could create a secret sauce that impacts kids everywhere!

Crowd funded

On the 15th November 2017 Your Secret Sauce was successfully crowdfunded by the community! Over 30 days we raised $26,136 which was 104% funded, had 144 backers and an average pledge of $181. It was an incredible experience and we cannot thank our community and our backers enough for the support they gave us!


It is very important to the Your Secret Sauce team that we have further purpose and meaning. We want to help children who are not able to participate in YSS…yet!

We are committed to providing an E-learning Facility to children in rural India. To meet the demands of today's global economy, it is crucial that children receive quality education and development that equips them with 21st century skills. We want to save the children in rural India from the harsh realities of poverty by handing over to them the most important tool of their lives - quality education.