Hall of fame

Be part of the story!
These backers were our SUPER BACKERS pledging $1000

  • Heather Yelland
  • Emma Hogan

Be your family's hero!
These backers were not only their family's hero but also ours! They pledged $500!

  • Royston Kent
  • Kylie Anderson
  • Tim Waggett
  • Rob Nixon
  • Sara Taylor

I have lots of kids around me!
These backers certainly have lots of kids around them, they pledged $200 to keep them all happy!!

  • Mark Williams
  • Melissa Marsden
  • Debbie Buckley
  • Bruce & Carolyn Watts
  • Marc Meili
  • Josh Heighway
  • Dallas Heale
  • Melanie Summer
  • Naomi Hattaway
  • Amelia Lee
  • Bec Willson
  • Louise Marsh
  • Sharne Patient

I don't have kids but I love this.
What special backers these are! They generously pledged $100 without receiving a subscription! We love you too!

  • Nathan Wallis
  • Tina Tower
  • Tim Knipps
  • Natalie Williams
  • Tanya Ferguson
  • Paul Dunn
  • Anna Edwards
  • Helen Lam
  • Craig Matthews
  • Peter Fowler

Just happy to be here!
We are very happy these backers were here too They pledged $25 for very little reward!

  • Katie Hamilton
  • Michelle Newick
  • Graeme Dopheide
  • Christine Khor
  • Elyse Hogan
  • Eric Fragola
  • Martha Travis
  • Kate Cain
  • Adam Thompson

And a big thank you to all of the anonymous backers who contributed to our successful crowdfund. We couldn't have done it without you!