• So how does Your Secret Sauce work?

  • Who developed Your Secret Sauce?

    Your Secret Sauce was an idea created by 10-year-old Digger Watts. Digger then partnered with the technology company Scrappi to build the software platform and operate the business.

  • What age is Your Secret Sauce for?

    Your Secret Sauce is designed for 5 to 13 year olds. Your child can read all the stories being written however can only write a paragraph for stories in their age group.

  • My child is finding reading and writing difficult. Can Your Secret Sauce help?

    We know that kids love reading stories written by other kids; that’s why Your Secret Sauce was created! From our early testing we have observed kids being motivated to contribute to stories and read stories they have helped write. This positive environment is sure to rub off!

  • Is Your Secret Sauce safe for my child?

    The only personal information published when a story is approved is the name of the author and the country they live in. Kids cannot send messages to each other and all paragraphs go through an approval process before being published.

  • How will I know when my story is published?

    We will send an email communicating when your story has been approved and published.

  • Why is a story locked?

    When another kid is updating a story the story is locked until their paragraph is approved and published.

  • Can I read all the stories on the platform?

    Yes, we wanted to give the wonder of story telling to all kids around the world free of charge! If you want to write a paragraph for a story a paid subscription is required.

  • Your Secret Sauce was founded in Australia. Can kids from all over the world write on the platform?

    Absolutely! Your Secret Sauce was built to bring kids together from all over the world! Our platform is in English only (for now…watch this space!) however we welcome kids from all around the world to write stories together. We hope to see lots of different country flags in our stories!

  • How much is a subscription?

    Currently Free!