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Plane Flight

Jake's eyes fluttered open. He craned his neck to look at the other rows, and most of the passengers were in asleep. His light above him flickered, scaring him slightly. Jake checked his watch. It read at 3.00 am. Why had he woken early? Thirst got to him, so Jake called the Air Crew. No one came. He got out of his seat to check when the emergency exit door suddenly ripped open, sucking Jake's limp body into the night....

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Birthday Holly

smiled at her. It was super funny! Holly asked the mouse to have some birthday cake. The mouse was very hungry and ate half the cake! Holly couldn't believe it. She thought the mouse wasn't that hungry! The fat mouse then called it's friends over to have more cake. Holly then...

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Scary monster

what said everyone . year I lost him , his name is puddle. sorry if he scared you he's gust covered in dirt ...

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Infant rescue

Small pink feet attached to chubby legs rose into view over the edge of the pram, clumsily attempting to remain stationary. Suddenly the pram tipped, and on top, revelling in the panicked screams of the baby, crouched...

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Talking dog

Rufus' sharp teeth continued to gnaw at the leash. After a moment of agony to his sensitive molars, the leash broke with a loud crack. Mr. Owner's voice cut the silence like a knife through soft butter. "Rufus! What have you done?" Thinking quickly, Rufus replied. "You must have driven over some plastic!" "If you say so, Rufus," said Mr. Owner. And without any hesitation, Rufus knocked open the van boot, just to see another car charging...

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