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Cut them some slack, I mean their like us only they need some support, if I ever met a homeless person I would automatically hand them some cash and maybe even buy them some dinner/lunch/breakfast and offer them a place to sleep. It's not fair that they have no where to go nor no one to turn to, so I reckon seeing everyone with a home and happy is the best thing in the world.

Soccer game

a soccer pocen

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Nightmare forest

Shrill moans came from skeletal birds as they awaited their next prey and blurry black objects with mesmerizing red eyes circled the biggest tree at the heart of the forest. Rumors say that if you cut that tree down you would destroy the whole forest.....

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Red moon

I was paralyzed as I gazed at the ruby sky and watched the moon take it's place I knew what was going to happen, and I was powerless to stop it. I stood there as the air turned acidly and people scampered out into the night with a look of fear on their pale faces. The next thing that happened wasn't the worst part but will be remembered as the Shodow awoke....

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Arctic Adventure

Fred turned quickly to the chief and in doing so he hit the majestic beast! "FRED!" shouted Chief Justin and signified his troops to shoot the polar bear "NO" Fred screamed but it was too late. Fred watched in horror as the creature ran away, his eyes showing betrayal...

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