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The floor was falling, and the sky was too. Her whole life had been turned upside down in a few moments, and the person lying next to her? Well, he had...

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Singing dinosaurs

they took princess Narmy over to her dinosaurs. Then, all of the dinosaurs looked at them and started singing loudly. Then they all sat down and started eating cakes and tea. Mary and Bobby were very happy, they loved being with the dinosaurs. Then princess Narmy wanted to take them all to her castle so she...

Man-eating Shark

A grey shadow circled around him as he tried in vain to climb onto his board. Black beetle eyes shone in the water and a scarred and ripped fin finally surfaced the water. The swimmer tried to signal to the lifeguards but he was to far away, so he waited to see what cruel fate had been planned for him....

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Mysterious cave

A scream filled the air, a scream so heart-stopping that I practically fell into the dusty cave floor! Spitting out dust I slowly limped my way down into The Cave of Mysteries. Cobwebs cuddled my hair and face as the cave took a sharp turn and I saw a small blue light softly illuminating some of the way. I looked for the source of the scream only to hear soft breaths from the small light as it began to turn.......

Soccer game

a soccer pocen

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