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Scuba divers

As Max plunged into the cold water his brain filled with so many thoughts, most were telling him to get out of the bottomless blue water whilst the others told him to save the missing scuba divers. Max saw a few dark shadows and nearly returned to the surface before he realized it was just the other scuba divers who were also called to help him on his mission. The shadows froze as a shriek of anger swam towards them..........

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Mysterious Park

Bright lights flashed uncountable colours and rides containing screaming kids wove through the park, only they weren't screaming for joy but for.......

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Amazing Africa

Silver zebras grazed in a small area not far from the lake where hippos splashed in joy from the relief the water gave them. Tall giraffes stretched their necks to grab juicy leaves to munch on. A beautiful lion basked on a warm rock as the animals roamed around him. Jackson finally moved slowly to get a picture of this incredible sight only to look up and they were all gone!....

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Nightmare forest

Shrill moans came from skeletal birds as they awaited their next prey and blurry black objects with mesmerizing red eyes circled the biggest tree at the heart of the forest. Rumors say that if you cut that tree down you would destroy the whole forest.....

Pirate escape

It started with a fight in the markets, he had offered to pay $3 instead of $4 for some fish when the small boy had replied no. A quarell had then accured and it ended with no fish for supper. Obviously that had not been enough revenge for the boy so a few days later some fish went missing from the stand and the finger had been pointed at him though how many times he pleaded it was no use.......

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