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My shapes

My favourite shape is a circle because it is like spots. I like spots because they can be all different kinds of colours.

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Silent escape

The girl crept silently forward, artfully twisting around and beneath tangles of thorny bushes, stepping on expertly light feet. “STOP,” came the shout from in front of her, followed by...

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Scary monster

what said everyone . year I lost him , his name is puddle. sorry if he scared you he's gust covered in dirt ...

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Gingerbread man

Next morning he again open the bakery.He waited for the customers but no one came.Then after a while he dicided to make a different ginger bread in which there is cream and chocolate also and dicided to sell it in low price.After a while a man came and order for the new ginger bread.The jeff gave the new gingerbread to the man.The man eat it.The man went home and said that I recommend to you to eat from this bakery...

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Strange valentines

Jane slowly peeled off the intruding, red seal. Once she had opened the scarlet letter, she slowly started reading the obnoxiously scrawly handwriting: Dear Jane, I am afraid that I have some terrible news to share with you. Hopefully, you have recieved your Hogwarts letter inviting you to this school. What you don't know, is that very soon an unwanted visitor will be coming to hunt you down. Please get out of your house as soon as possible. ...

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